Why Fair Trade?

Global Bazaar seeks  to manifest the cross-cultural, Kingdom-minded principles of justice & reconciliation in the lives of all people through the pursuit of fair trade. This is our mission, our drive and heart beat. For our first post, our founder and director Jessica Zerkle shares her heart for “Why fair trade?”

“Fair trade was something I stumbled upon when my husband and I lived in the Indianapolis area right after we were married.  There was a local store called Global Gifts close to our apartment.  I’m not sure the first time I entered their doors, but I think I had seen the sign on my commute home and was curious to stop by, especially after recently returning from an extensive global experience.  What I do remember is being intrigued and amazed by all the beautiful crafts created by various international artisans.  And I loved this idea and practice of fair trade in which persons who find themselves in incredibly difficult and hard places have been provided the opportunity to not only learn a trade, be paid a fair wage, and affect their life and the lives of their family and immediate community for generations to come.  As I would browse the shop and think about how fair trade organizations come alongside persons to encourage well-being and dignity, I just kept thinking, “This is what our Jesus does…He heals…He saves…and He restores!”

If you are not familiar with fair trade, I would encourage you to begin exploring this economic practice that is literally changing the lives of thousands (if not millions) of people globally.  Start your educational journey by checking our Fair Trade FAQ section on our website.”

Check back each week, for a new post on whats happening in our world in relation to fair-trade, human trafficking and justice!