Through a New Lens

To catch a glimpse into the life of another is heart driving; to share in life beside another is life changing.

At Global Bazaar we are in a season of change, in our own hearts and as an organization. Since 2011 we have had the opportunity to work with five different ministry partners based in India, Africa and North America. It is through our passion to manifest the cross-cultural, Kingdom-minded principles of justice and reconciliation that our partnerships have developed. Through these partnerships we have had the opportunity to not only share countless personal stories of transformation, but these stories have deeply touched our own hearts and changed our perspective of the world.

Our eyes are opened more and more as we catch glimpses into the lives of people all over the world. Teenagers living in poverty with little choice for their own future, young girls at risk for being victims of the sex trade, women living bound in red light districts, and men unable to provide for their families are just a few examples. These are stories of what so many people in our world face daily. This world may seem far away, but it is real. Little by little our hearts have been broken. Our hearts ache to reach out hands of hope to these people, to pour out healing and restoration, to share with them a light of freedom.

As human beings, we see through our own lens, which truly impacts how we react to other cultures and issues of social justice. And as Christians, God grows us to begin seeing through His lens; to see the world as a whole and to love people as He loves them. God clearly calls us to immerse ourselves in the lives of others; to understand their culture and come alongside them in life-situations. At Global Bazaar it is our desire to see through the lens of our Lord; to truly understand His heart for people, justice, and reconciling the world to Himself. We have a strong passion to bring awareness to others, what God has revealed to us; we see a beautiful harmony between fair trade and Jesus.

While we are incredibly thankful for the opportunities we’ve had to share the stories of our partners through home experiences, conferences, and so on, we feel God leading us to more. We have a deep yearning to share life with our partners, and for the first time ever, we will! In January 2016, by the grace of God we will have the opportunity to spend time with our dear friends from Amani ya Juu in Nairobi, Kenya. We are unbelievably excited to connect with the women of Amani ya Juu and see them face-to-face. Amani ya Juu (meaning “higher peace” in Swahili) is a sewing-marketing-training project for marginalized women in Africa. Not only does Amani teach African women how to improve their sewing and marketing skills, but it also points these women to a higher peace as they grow in community and faith. We are so excited to visit these women, get to know them, and learn from their lives of transformation.

This will be our first Global Bazaar Immersion Trip and we want others to join us! During this immersion we will serve in, learn about, and engage with Amani ya Juu and the communities in Nairobi. Our hope is that through these experiences, our team will experience the vision of our ministry to, “come to a greater understanding of God’s love, salvation, and desire for reconciling the world to Himself. Our goal is to inspire a Holy Revolution – within individuals, among societies, and across the globe – that results in the embodiment of God’s life-giving love and healing in a hurting world.” Through this Immersion Trip we hope to carry out Jesus’s Command, “And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

To learn more about our Immersion Trip to Kenya, visit or email us at

-Amanda Long