Stories of Redemption

Each handmade item sold through Global Bazaar is a story, a story of hope, promise, new life, healing, and freedom. These are the stories of people from around the world who have been forced in to all types of slavery: slavery to poverty, slavery to sex trafficking, slavery to factories, slavery to an injustice society and broken world. But that’s not where these stories ended because a beautiful thing happened, a light shone into the lives of these people. They were told, “you are seen,” “you are not alone.”

These people who may have felt all hope was lost were given a light, an opportunity for living and spiritual freedom through Jesus Christ. Sharing the stories of our partners is truly sharing God’s life giving love and promise for reconciliation. One story of redemption is that of Alice, shared by our friends at Rahab’s Rope.

“Like many before her, and many more after, Alice was born into a brothel. She grew up on one of many doorsteps lining an alleyway. She learned to walk on the rough stones, struggling to dodge the constant flow of men, rats, and dogs. Her first words were spoken while her mother’s friends sat watching Hindi films in wait of a good offer. She took naps on the floor while her mother served men behind a curtain. Her father began to consistently work himself into drunkenness each day and her mother stayed busy ignoring her pint-sized mistake. Alice knew nothing different with this. Two years later, her baby brother was born.  He grew in the same environment and with the same parents, but he got to bounce on his mother’s lap and eat sweets; he got to have his own kitten. Meanwhile, Alice struggled to get by without a beating. No matter what she did, there was always something wrong and always a price to pay for it.  Her days became filled with shouting and fits of rage from her mother.  She was often lifted by her hair and beaten until someone was brave enough to step in. We were on our way out of the red light district one day when we found this particular alley to be silent, except for shouts accompanied by a screaming Alice. The little girl was being thrown down by her hair, and her mother showed no signs of stopping. Our translator walked boldly up to her mother as Alice took the opportunity to run to the nearest bystander for cover. The next moment, I found myself at her side, her body still hot from anger but her face in pure concentration, expressing to us that her deepest desire was to have Alice in a safe place, away from her. I found that the one thing I could do in that moment was simply witness a miracle I had only read about. In December 2012, our team was able to place Alice in a new home. She now spends her days in the safety of her new home. She eats healthy food, wears clean clothes, and gets to sleep in a bed. She will start school in June and we’ve seen her smile for the first time. She is often being passed between members of her family, as they all love to hold their new little sister. Alice will not want for anything now and does not have to fear the many dangers of life in a brothel.”

To learn about more people whose lives have been transformed, you can visit our Ministry Partners page and click on each partner to view their website and stories.

-Amanda Long