Get Involved

Want to be involved in changing the world, one life at a time?

If you would like to become involved in any of Global Bazaar’s programs or activities, simply email us.  Below is a list of specific ways to get involved.

Become an Area Rep.

Volunteer as an Area Representative to represent the ministry of Global Bazaar through Home Experiences, church events, craft fairs, and other events. within your region! Incentives include percentage of free products or credit towards Immersion Trips based on amount of annual sales. Click HERE for more info.

Host a home experience.

A home experience provides an opportunity for participants to (1) raise awareness about fair trade, (2) learn about Global Bazaar’s partners, and (3) purchase unique handmade items.  If you would live to volunteer to host a home experience, please download the Home Party Host Application, and send to our email.

Purchase a product.

The majority of Global Bazaar’s products are sold through home experiences.  Please contact us about a home experience near you.

Make a donation to Global Bazaar.

Simply go to the Donate tab on our website to make an online donation.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Your financial gift will enable us to continue funding our operations in making quality, international hand made goods accessible to new markets while also telling stories of oppressed persons and how each of us have the opportunity to know the ultimate Healer and Restorer.

Refer organizations to GB as potential partners.

If you have an organization you think would make a suitable partner for Global Bazaar, please email us with the name of the organization and basic contact information.

Share your Global Bazaar experience with us.

If you have ever had a Global Bazaar experience, we would love your feedback.  Please email us or go to our Facebook page, Global Bazaar, and comment.

Contact Us


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