Ministry Partners

All of our products come from artisans from our four partnering ministries. With every purchase or donation, 90% of every dollar goes back to ministry activity. 

We also feel called to go above and beyond in our giving and serving. At the end of each fiscal year, we take 10% of our annual sales total to give away. Where is that 10% distributed? 50% of those funds are given to one of our Ministry Partners (a different Ministry Partner is chosen each year on a rotating basis). The other 50% is donated in fair trade goods to a domestic ministry working with women in the adult entertainment industry. The fair trade items we provide go into gift baskets made by volunteers from these ministries. The intent of these baskets is to show God’s love in a very practical way.

Global Bazaar Ministry Partners


SutiSana (meaning, “healed name” based on Isaiah 62:2) provides dignified employment to women transitioning out of prostitution in Bolivia. All of SutiSana’s products are handmade by survivors of sex trafficking. They are passionate about awakening the reality of hope in the lives of these women and showing them that the Lord has something far better for them. It is their desire for these women to find a new identity, a new name in the Lord.


Amani ya Juu

Amani ya Juu (meaning “higher peace” in Swahili) is a sewing-marketing-training project for marginalized women in Kenya, Africa. Not only does Amani teach African women how to improve their sewing and marketing skills, but it also points these women to a higher peace as they grow in community and faith. Through intimate relationship and the sowing of God’s peace, the troubled lives of these women are transformed.

Sari Bari

Sari Bari, based in India, provides a safe haven and a place of employment for women who have been exploited by the sex trade or who are vulnerable to trafficking. The organization does not rescue women, but rather seeks restoration for those who have been overtly trafficked or forced into the sex trade through poverty and lack of empowerment. These women create beautiful, authentic, hand-crafted products which are sold at a fair price.

Rahab’s Rope

Rahab’s Rope is a faith-based organization that is committed to fighting human trafficking in India and to bringing life and hope to its many victims. Rahab’s Rope creates a safe and loving environment for women and girls who have been forced into the commercial sex trade, providing for them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Rahab’s then equips these women with education and vocational training, thus enabling them to participate in their surrounding communities in a meaningful, positive way.


TAPP (Tumaini AIDS Prevention Program) is a grassroots response of local and global communities which breathes new life in the midst of the AIDS Pandemic in Uganda, Africa. TAPP tells a story about identity in a world of some who are told they matter, many who are told they don’t, and the transformation we all go through when we respond with compassion to broken people in a broken world. TAPP provides individuals with holistic care: training, Home Based Care, income generating projects, education and social support for a hopeful life which encompasses the entire community.


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